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Hat Spirit 2008

Chaoyang Park Project


The idea of the ’Hat Project 2008’ came from the observation of the structural transformation Beijing city was undergoing in the years before 2008.
The monitoring task was enormous, with about 9000 construction sites in the city (source: China Daily The “Hat Spirit 2008” was an art project in honour of all the migrant workers who were employed on different construction sites throughout Beijing.).

The art installation

2008 hard hats were installed along four construction fences, by the company Züblin. The installation of “Workers Rings” in the form of the Olympic Rings was placed in the centre of the construction site. It served as a symbol of honour for all the workers.

During the Chaoyang Spring festival 2008 visitors were invited to draw or write their ‘thank you notes’ on 2008 hard hats. After one week more than 1000 hats were transformed into ‘art hats’.

In March 2008 “Hat Spirit” was awarded 1st prize for creativity by Beijing TV.

Wendy Hack
Yi Li

Hat Spirit 2008 - Chaoyang Park, Peking

Wis©h Mop

Pickled Art Unit One
798 Dashanzi Beijing
Wish = English: desire for something or somebody
Wisch = German: To wipe or clean something
Mop = English: A broom to wipe the floor
Mop = German: A broom to wipe the floor. Wis©h Mop is my third installation in Beijing, after using hard hats and Chinese shoes. The objects of daily use have a strong influence on my work. Mops are to be seen almost every where in China. One can see the cleaning brooms hanging, lying, leaned on a wall or stairs. It seems, as if the mop is there to greet or say good- bye to the visitor coming or leaving the house. For Chinese people coming from rural areas the mega cities have a tremendous attraction. The peoples’ hopes and wishes for a better future are enormous, but with hardly any opportunities. I trained “Ayis” (housemaid) in Beijing and interviewed the women and asked what their “professional wish” was in their youth. The answers where diverse, one woman wished to become doctor, the other a teacher, one just thought to live as a city girl would be nice. Not a single “Ayi” indicated she had the wish to be a cleaning woman, but unfortunate circumstances and the lack of profound education made it happen.
“Wis©h Mop” = unfulfilled desires?

Bronze Wis(c)H Mop 2010

The Resonance of Water

Viessmann warm water boiler VITOPEND 100Size: +/- h: 75, d: 36, w: 45Materials used:
Leaf silver
Silver paper
Mother of pearls
Black ink

The Resonance of Water EMBEDDED CREATION - Exploring the dialogue between corporate design and art - UCCA, 798 Art District, 2012 Beijing

Shake Hands, Bonn Rheinaue 2013
Shake Hands, Bonn Rheinaue 2013


Evo - Frauen in den Weltreligionen

Frauenmuseum Bonn


Saraswati, Göttin der Künste und Wissenschaft, der Intution und der Weissheit.
Fotopraphie, Gläser mit Photos von indischen Frauen und handbeducktem Stoff, Schattenbild gemalt auf Reispapier, Kunstkataloge aus dem Frauenmuseum.

Pilgerinnen Budh Gaya 2012
Every Step You Take, Installation im FM mit chinesischen Schuhen 2009
Lake Rest, Hängematte aus Reispapier (300x100cm) 2016
Handspiel, Gippshände und Seidenpapier, 2017

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